Saturday, December 12, 2009

FPT 12 - Metro Anniversary Special

My whole tournament was uneventful. My stack was pretty much the same throughout my whole tournament life. Except for this last hand.

5th level, 200/400 ante 50. I had around 18,000. I needed to double-up if would have a chance of lasting until day 2. Early positions fold. Derek raised to 1,100. Aggressive, unknown player calls. I'm on button with AK. I though about raising but wanted to see the flop first so I called. Total pot, 4,350.

Flop K87. Derek checked, unknown player bet 3,500. I raised to 7,000 (I had top pair top kicker). Derek called. Unknown player folded. Total pot 21,850.

Turn J. Derek bet 8,000. I had around 9,000. I went all-in. Insta-call from Derek. He showed KK. I was drawing dead.

Maybe next time. Good thing I won this seat from a P500 tournament.

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