Monday, November 2, 2009

Once a player, always a player...

I planned to save a bankroll. I was thinking of not playing until I can get enough to not play scared. I got to Php 3,000 and I couldn't take it anymore. So I first tried to play freerolls at PokerStars. The way I did when I wasn't playing with real money yet. I was playing every freeroll I can register to. Even the 2-7 single draw tournaments which was interesting but I wouldn't want to play those with real money.

But it wasn't enough. I went back to the Metro a few days ago. Everything was going well bankroll-wise until yesterday. The Metro has this promo where players can register for a freeroll if they can put in 150 hours for the whole month of November. I only need 142.5 hours to go but I'm already throwing in the towel. With work and the baby, I definitely won't reach 150 hours. Even if I did, it'll cost me a lot and it's not going to be much of a freeroll. Take yesterday for example. I bought in for Php 1,000 and I was up Php 3,000. I normally should've stood but I was only there for 2 hours and I needed at least 5 hours per day. Long story short, I lost Php 4,000.

I'll probably be back this week. But this time, I won't aim for the hours. I'll just play the way I should and quit when I'm ahead.

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