Monday, June 8, 2009

Metro Saturday Freeroll

Last Saturday, I decided to play the Metro Saturday Special. I thought it was at 2pm so I was there early. Apparently, the tournament was changed to 3pm.

So I decided to play 10/20 to while away the time. In 3 hours, I won 4,000 which was enough for the tounament buy-in and the rebuy. I just love it when that happens.

Unfortunately, I busted out early. And I realized, I haven't played well for the whole day. I was chasing all my draws and calling with bottom pair. Maybe it's because of being away from the felt too long.

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anonymouspinoy said...

I arrived late so wasn't able to join this tournament. Although, haven't won first place in any Metro tournament since I joined the club (1 mo) and only happen to be on the 8th place of evening tournament on a Wednesday.

At least you were able to win some in the cash game before the tournament. I lost P1.5K that day as well when I played the cash game. There are days like this in Poker. :D hahahaha...

Anyway, good skill and good luck in your future games (me as well).