Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poker Face

I wore a mask during the FHM Poker Night tournament at the Metro. 

Then I got AA and hit my set on the flop. I slow-played and milked as much as I could in that hand. Then the "victim" raised his concern about the mask. He said that it shouldn't be allowed because it doesn't let him see my face. I kept quiet the whole time he was ranting and tilting. Even then, he wasn't able to convince anyone, even TD Bryan. Long story short, my mask was officially announced as legal and that's all anyone had to say about that.

My stand is, it's the same with a mask that Del wears. I just have a little bit more of a disadvantage because it's hot and I have limited peripheral vision.

Nonetheless, the girls seem to like it.

Except the right-most girl. LOL!


Ordnacin said...

Why does the "villain" want to see your face ? It's so ugly ;-) - 11Finger

Ross said...

Cherry Ann Kubota seems to like it. :P

askmogs said...

I knew she was familiar.

Cheers for the awesome mask. Too bad you can't dance. It would've kicked ass if you did a little robot after he saw your set.

Ross said...

I thought about dancing but I think The Running Man is not that popular anymore.