Monday, August 4, 2008

Interview with a House Player

Hold'em is like no other casino card game because the players play against each other and not against the house. It's better because the house doesn't care whether you win or lose as long as they have their rake. Downside to this is when a big money player enters an empty poker room, he'll just leave because there's no one to play against. This was solved by some poker rooms hiring house players or prop players to guarantee that there will always be people to play with. Not all poker rooms employ house players but room who do are often more successful because there will always be action on the table. There are also different terms for each room. Generally, they are seated in tables where there aren't enough players and they stand when there's a player who needs the seat. They play with their own money but are given a "salary" as long as they complete the required number of hours. This is my interview with a house player.

Where/When/How did you start playing poker?
I have always thought that poker is a great game from what i saw in the movies since my childhood days. i didnt know how to play then but i knew that poker is a family of various games and that its a game of betting, calculating odds and reading opponents. in 2004 i taught myself the texas holdem and other variants through books and the internet when i knew that poker will become popular in the country.

How did you become a house player?
I was already one of regular players in the local scene when the cardroom needed house players so i was offered the job and i accepted it.

How often do you play?
Right now i have to play there five days a week, 8 hours a day.

How has being a house player changed poker for you?
it helped me build my bankroll because of the regular income.

What have you learned from being a house player?
That the game is really hard to beat at our local scene. if its hard to beat even for a paid props player who get a daily pay, more so for any other player who dont get any pay for playing.

Are there any disadvantages to being a house player?
You dont have table selection. sit when you have to, stand when you have to.

Do people play differenty if they know they're playing with a house player?
Yes. because generally, house players are better players and people know that because they see you play almost everyday.

Should they steer away from playing against house players?
Yes if possible.

What would you change in the way Filipino poker players play?
I have always wondered why it is only here in our country where the rake is too much at 10% with maximum reaching PHP 500.00 or more for higher stakes and anywhere else it is only 5% with a maximum of $3 per pot. If it doesnt change, it will be really very hard to beat the game, even for top-class pros, i believe.

Any last words for the readers of Final Table Donkey?
Nothing more, i think i talked too much already. lol.

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