Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm still hot...

Last Monday, I went to the Metro to try my luck at the ring games. As mentioned before, ring games are really not my specialty. Most that I've won in a ring game was P11k. Now that all changed on this particular visit. I bought in for P1.5k in a 10/20 table and lost most of it after a few minutes. The 25/50 table was about to open so I transferred. I added P2k which makes my total investment P3.5k.

The 25/50 table was great. The action was just right. Although I re-bought for P3k, I was able to make the most out of it. My bluffs were not contested and my nuts always won me big pots. I can't give a hand by hand account as that was 5 days ago. Sorry. On that table, I ended having a huge stack of around P12k. Not bad but the other 25/50 table had more money and had more action so I transferred.

I ran a lot of players to the felt. If it was a tournament, I would have been first place without contest. I ended the night by cashing out P33,175. The biggest cash-out I've had on a ring game thus far.

This almost makes me an all around player. I just need to continue my performance.

Today the Metro; tomorrow the world!!!

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